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best investment you can make

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best investment you can make  Empty best investment you can make

Сообщение автор zoyy Сб Май 19, 2018 8:03 am

best investment you can make FDI horizontal: Investing in all the branches that produce similar goods from the parent company. This type of foreign direct investment to facilitate the access of investors to foreign markets or to overcome some of the factors (customs, transportation costs) that affect the competitiveness of exports, and investors prefer to repeat all stages of production at the targeted location. FDI vertical or vertical: investing in various stages of design, production and marketing of their products through the implementation of production in different countries and subsidiaries. In order to take advantage of differences in the cost of factors of production between countries. When applying stage vertical manner of value-added of the parent company in the investment stage activities in the host country is perpendicular Genral economic, political, social, institutional and procedural conditions and circumstances that can affect the chances of success of investment projects in a particular country, or company decision or someone to invest. In the field of public investment is overlapping things affect all the other things, most of which creates a new variable to intract with the data and the various situations that can translate attractive or repulsive effects of the investment. And it can be divided into specific investment factors to administrative, financial, technical and legal restrictions. Examples of specific factors for investment: interest and the marginal efficiency of capital and the degree of risk the economic rate, political stability, transparency, infrastructure and other Kherson, Ukraine https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/_/best_investment_you_can_make/r299502_Where-best-investment-you-can-make/Kherson-Ukraine.html

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